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Internship Review

At this moment you are doing your internship. It is important to already  think during your internship about what information you need at the reflection review.

To be able to reflect properly you need a review of the organisation where you are doing the internship. This review should be included in your placement report. It is useful to ask how they are going to judge you and when they will do this at the start of your internship. In most cases you will have 2 assessments during your internship: the interim review and the final evaluation.

The interim assessment often takes place after several weeks. Through this assessment you will know what you can work on in the coming weeks, and what to look at. In addition, through this assessment, the organisation offering the internship will give you a clue about what your final assessment will look like. At the interim review, there will be space for the organisation to give you tips, but you can also tell to the organization what you find difficult or need help with.

After the end of your internship there will normally be a final assessment. Most organisations offering internships have their own evaluation form. If your organisation does not have such a form, then you can use the form of the faculty of Law. So inform prior to your internship if the organisation has its own assessment form. Then you will avoid surprises at the end of your internship.

In addition, it is convenient to request a statement in which they indicate that you have been and have done work for at least 160 hours during the internship. By adding this to your placement report, you indicate to the internship coordinator of your specialisation or programme that your internships has fulfilled the conditions for credits.

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