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To increase your experience and skills, is it important reflect on what you know and have learned at the end of your internship. Your personal profile with your skills, wishes and preferences can be changed by this experience!

In de stagecommunity all information on the reflection can be found. In the community you will find the requirements for the report on your internship, information on how to reflect on your internship and how to make a SWOT analysis. In a SWOT analysis you determine what your strengths are,what features are where you can still work on, where your opportunities lay for your career and what the threats are where the threats lie. Based on this analysis, you can develop a career plan and a strategy for the future.

  1. Reflect on your actions
  2. Reflect on your learning goals
  3. Report to what extent your personality profile has been changed by this experience
  4. Specify how you will build on your prior learning

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