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Netherlands or abroad

Internships abroad can be valuable for your future; they look good on your resume. In addition to being good for your career perspective, it also gives a boost to your personal development!

The benefits of gaining international experience at a glance:

  1. You learn to approach problems from a different context and vision;
  2. Employers highly value employees who gained international experience through study or internship. This shows that graduates with international experience do better on the labor market and have a less chance of long-term unemployment than graduates with no international experience (European Commission, 2014). Experience abroad shows you that you're curious, motivated, and communicative, that you can take on challenges and have to adapt in a multicultural environment.
  3. You can build an international network. You meet many people, both inside and outside the organization, and make contacts that can give you references and may be important in your future career. Maybe you find out during your internship that you are very suitable for working in another culture and your international connections offer you the opportunity to start your career abroad. In addition, you often have a foreign adventure with new friends, who can once again meet in the future if you are going on vacation.
  4. You develop yourself. Your internship will go beyond acquiring knowledge and developing skills within the organization. Because you cannot rely on family or friends, you learn to function independently in a different culture, you learn to be patient and flexible, expand your language skills, and to deal with situations that challenge your thinking. You learn to develop your creative problem solving, practical and social skills, and develop self-confidence through it all.
  5. You can see some of the world and be immersed in an (entirely) new culture.

In your consideration, however, you need to take a few things into account. An internship abroad requires much more preparation than an internship in the Netherlands. In addition to arranging practical matters such as travel documents, adequate housing, finance, (supplementary) insurance, and work permits, you should know that an internship is more difficult to find abroad. Also, you should be aware of the additional costs that may involve an internship abroad. Start early with your research on all these matters! In addition, you must remember to report that you are doing a foreign internship at your training. Without the recognition that you are doing a foreign internship through your training internship, you cannot count this towards your studies.

Netherlands or abroad
Netherlands or abroad

The benefits of an internship in The Netherlands

Students with a foreign nationality (especially from non-EU countries) also have to take into account when arranging an internship the possibilities regarding possible immigration procedures. Further information can be obtained through the International Service Desk (ISD). The ISD is located in the Academy Building, the main building of the University of Groningen. The staff of the ISD are specialized in Dutch immigration procedures. They are responsible for the visa and residence permit applications and permit applications from prospective and current international students, guest researchers, and employees of the University of Groningen.
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