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This strategy is for people who can empathize with situations and usually follow their intuition when making decisions. You're going to try to develop a picture of yourself during your internship. Try to live as well as possible and base your image on facts. The more detailed the visualizations of the options you are considering, the more powerful your response. This reaction can explain how the internship fits you.


Would this work placement and organization suit me?


Imagine that you've applied and accepted a placement. You already have started the position and are a few days in to the internship. Visualize what you wear and check how it feels to be dressed in these clothes. Where are you - in an office with others or alone? What does your workplace look like? How are the people that you work with? How do they talk to you? What is the atmosphere? What are you doing? What tasks have you done? Do you have contact with clients? How do you feel? Are you excited or bored? What time are you free? Do you travel a long time before you get home?

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