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Selection styles

Your choice of style says something about how you deal with choices. People often have a preference for one style. Recognizing your choice of style can give you insight into which factors play into your choice and you can help in the selection process.


As rational chooser you lay the emphasis on logical, rational arguments. You identify all the possibilities, gather arguments and finally select the optimal choice.


Emotional persons choose from their hearts and feelings. What choice feels (less) good? Because emotions are changeable, these persons tend to be fickle.


Impulsive people do what first comes to them. They act on their first impression. They take little or no time to analyze the situation.


These persons postpone their final choice. They always want to think about their options and weigh their alternatives.


Confident people have a clear idea of ​​what they want and do not let others affect them. They sometimes put aside valuable insight from others.


The pliant person takes into account what others want and adapts to it. What you want is itself unimportant.


This voter trusts in his or her own intuition; an implicit hunch based on information from the unconscious. There is no rational assessment in advance.

What is your preferred style? What pitfalls do you experience from this style?

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