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Onze studenten in Engelstalige studies


Our graduates have knowledge of the legal framework, both international and domestic and the ability to apply legal frameworks to cases. Our graduates have a critical mind; they have knowledge of the techniques, the law and its interaction with policy and policy-making. They know the rules and the mechanisms which allows them to solve cases. They are well-prepared to evaluate e.g. if a country complies with a treaty. They not only know the rules, but also know the deviations of the rules; who know the difference between ‘law in books’ and ‘law in action’ and thus are aware of the practical aspects of the law. Our graduates know about and can apply the general law doctrines and are familiar with these mechanisms. They know how to apply these basic, very important doctrines and are therefore able to tackle new areas in law quickly. This prepares them for all jobs possible in the range of law.

Our graduates would, even when working in national systems, be able to look beyond mere national legal regulations, e.g. graduates who know when no relevant international obligations apply in their national situation. Our graduates are imaginative and keep track of international developments; these international developments can be used domestically. Our graduates are trained to work in a globalising world; developments in the world influence what happens in separate countries.

Graduates have a broad view to issues; problems are no longer merely defined nationally, but are influenced by international developments. Our graduates have the skills to be able to draft legal instruments.

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