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How sustainable is your project? You'll know in ten minutes!
Date:24 September 2021

Researcher Dr. Frans Sijtsma is building a tool for the province of Fyrslân which provides a sustainability check of projects that can be carried out faster and step by step. With this tool, you will have the first results about the sustainability of your project after ten minutes.

Research into how couples negotiate their individual desires to have children
Date:22 July 2021

Interviewing couples provides different information than conducting individual interviews. By observing the dynamics of the couple during the interview, Billie wants to better understand how these dynamics play a role in the decision whether to have children

Novel mortality forecasting technique results in higher future life expectancy values for Europe
Date:06 July 2021

In the recent publication in eLife , Prof. dr. Fanny Janssen (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) and University of Groningen (UG)) and colleagues introduce a novel mortality forecasting technique which takes into account the impact of smoking, obesity and alcohol on mortality trends, and the mortality experience of forerunner populations.

Isti Hidayati wins 2020 Wierenga-Rengerink Thesis Prize
Date:29 June 2021

The Wierenga-Rengerink Prize for the UG PhD student with the best dissertation of 2020 has been awarded to Isti Hidayati for her thesis, entitled ‘Understanding mobility inequality: A socio-spatial approach to analyse transport and land use in Southeast Asian metropolitan cities’. On Thursday 1 July 2021, the researcher of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences will be awarded the prize of €7,500 for further academic development. The award ceremony will take place during the Summer Ceremony , the official end of the academic year.

Dutch Universities shine a light on essential Design Engineering Sciences sector
Date:24 June 2021

“Technology and Society in Equilibrium” – a new sector portrait for Design Engineering Sciences - has been presented to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The report paints a picture of this unique sector which includes the disciplines of Industrial Design Engineering, Architecture, Technology, Policy & Management.

Relatively small-scale cultural project Gronings Vuur achieves significant results
Date:24 June 2021

From September 2019 to the end of 2020, cultural project Gronings Vuur, commissioned by the Province of Groningen, travelled through Groningen’s rural municipalities. UG researcher Gwenda van der Vaart followed the project closely, and researched the effects.

‘Give people with dementia more freedom to organize their own social lives’
Date:10 May 2021

Older people with memory problems who live at home are extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to staying in control of their activities outside the home. Demographers Jodi Sturge and Mirjam Klaassens are certainly impressed. ‘It’s not about whether these people can do more than we think, but rather they can do more than we allow them to. The stigma of dementia is their biggest problem.’

Nationaal Ruimtelijk Verkiezingsdebat: ‘Bouw woningen, niet een nieuw ministerie’
Date:02 March 2021

Woningmarkt of volkshuisvesting, auto of hogesnelheidslijn, klimaatrechtvaardigheid en een energiedemocratie. Zomaar een greep uit termen die politici van CDA, D66, GroenLinks, SP, PvdA en VVD in de mond nemen om de thema’s huisvesting, mobiliteit en energie en klimaat te bespreken. Bijna elke partij is voor een integrale kijk op de grote uitdagingen waar we nu voor staan. Maar of een toekomstige minister van Ruimte deze dilemma’s moet oplossen? Daar zijn de partijen het niet over eens.

Ruim 10 miljoen euro beschikbaar voor Werken aan Ontwikkeling
Date:17 February 2021

De eerste zes projecten vanuit Werken aan Ontwikkeling hebben samen ruim 10 miljoen euro ontvangen vanuit het Nationaal Programma Groningen.

4e editie Nationaal Ruimtelijk Verkiezingsdebat 1 maart
Date:08 February 2021

We willen fijn wonen, duurzame energie, snel en comfortabel transport, mooie natuur, een wervelende economie en ga zo maar door. Al die ambities vragen om steeds meer ruimte op een eindige Nederlandse bodem. Het is aan de politiek om keuzes te maken: waar maken we ruimte voor?

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