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EU grants ENLIGHT four more years  

03 July 2023

We are very proud to announce that ENLIGHT, now consisting of 10 universities from 10 European countries, is among the 30 selected alliances by the European Commission and will receive €14.4 million for the next four years. ENLIGHT intends to allocate a significant portion of the funding towards academic initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to supporting scholars. Moreover, we are pleased to welcome the University of Bern as our newest alliance member. This collaboration strengthens the diversity and impact of the alliance, furthering its mission to develop a university of the future.

From project to sustainable network

In the next phase ENLIGHT will be able to expand and enhance the initiatives developed during the pilot phase. The ambition remains to create an open space for students and staff to learn, teach, collaborate, create and innovate. New will be the launch of bottom-up calls for interdisciplinary thematic networks and start-up grants to promote the development of future-proof education. In addition, the alliance has expanded its focus areas, adding 'culture and creativity' to the existing areas of health and well-being, digitalisation, climate change, energy and circular economy, and equality.

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ENLIGHT Mid-year meeting in Groningen, June 2023. Photo: Marcel Spanjer, UG

Rector Magnificus Cisca Wijmenga: “As ENLIGHT, we are moving from a project-based approach to a sustainable network. It is our common ambition, now that the new proposal has been awarded, to anchor this collaboration in our institutions, in our activities and especially in our people. Here in Groningen, our interdisciplinary schools and the University of the North are an excellent stepping stone to make this happen. We look forward to taking the next steps together with all our partners to develop an open and inclusive European university."


ENLIGHT is a European University alliance formed by 10 comprehensive, research-intensive universities comprising the universities of Bilbao (Basque Country), Bern (Switzerland), Bordeaux (France), Comenius Bratislava (Slovakia), Galway (Ireland), Ghent (Belgium), Gottingen (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands), Tartu (Estonia) and Uppsala (Sweden). Together, they educate more than 300,000 students per year and share a strong commitment to social responsibility. Just last June the UG hosted the general mid-year meeting bringing together staff and students from all partners for discussions and workshops around the central theme ‘transformation’.

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