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Relatively small-scale cultural project Gronings Vuur achieves significant results

24 June 2021

From September 2019 to the end of 2020, cultural project Gronings Vuur, commissioned by the Province of Groningen, travelled through Groningen’s rural municipalities. UG researcher Gwenda van der Vaart followed the project closely, and researched the effects. She concluded that in many respects, Gronings Vuur has been a successful experiment: ‘During the journey through the province, various local topics were broached and cultural infrastructure received a positive impulse. In many municipalities, people became enthusiastic about working together more often in this type of way and, in some municipalities, concrete follow-up steps have already been implemented.’

Gwenda van der Vaart
Gwenda van der Vaart

Van der Vaart researched the two main goals of Gronings Vuur: strengthening cultural infrastructure in the province of Groningen and contributing to residents’ awareness of one or more societal topics relevant to their own municipality through art and culture. The researcher saw various positive examples. ‘In the Westerkwartier, collaboration between disabled people and Taalhuizen students took place. In Oldambt, the feeling of belonging among young people was central. And in Het Hogeland, various cultural disciplines worked together: brass band musicians and actors.’

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