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Mindwise and GION receive KNAW grant 'Gewaardeerd!'

13 April 2021

This week it was announced that the online platform Mindwise and the GION both received a financial contribution of €10,000 from the KNAW pilot fund 'Gewaardeed', valued in English. This fund is intended to support scientists who make a structural effort in science communication.

Since 2014 staff and students have been writing blogs on the online platform Mindwise about psychological research and education from Groningen as well as expressing their opinions on current issues based on their expertise. Mindwise will use the grant to continue these activities. In addition, the plan is to use part of the grant to train students and colleagues in the field of science communication.

GION: Educational Knowledge Northern Netherlands
The mission of GION is to increase knowledge about education and to improve educational practice. Particular attention is paid to promoting equal educational opportunities in the Northern Netherlands. The GION collaborates with the Onderwijskansenwerkplaats Noord-Nederland (Educational Opportunities Workshop North Netherlands), de Academische Opleidingsschool (Academic Training School) and the wetenschapswinkel Onderwijs (science store Education). The subsidy is intended to further bundle and strengthen these collaborations.

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