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Prof. Maria Antonietta Loi elected Fellow of American Physical Society

02 October 2020

Prof. Maria Antonietta Loi has been elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society for her ‘seminal contributions to understanding and manipulating charge transfer and excitonic states in optoelectronic devices’. She is among the 163 (worldwide) new Fellows of 2020.

Prof. Maria Antonietta Loi
Prof. Maria Antonietta Loi

Prof. Loi is a researcher in the field of optoelectronic materials – materials that convert light to electricity or vice versa – at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials ( ZIAM ). With her experience on organic semiconductors, colloidal quantum dots and hybrid perovskites, Loi finds creatives ways to obtain new physical properties that can improve the functioning of optoelectronic devices. She has contributed to the fundamental understanding of those systems and paved the way to new generations of optoelectronic devices, like LEDs, photo detectors, and solar cells.

“I’m immensely honoured to have been elected fellow of the American Physical Society”, says Prof. Loi, “as it is a recognition of the quality and impact of my work. It is especially a recognition from my American peers, and American physicists are undeniably, among the most important in the world. It is also very important for the UG’s Faculty of Science and Engineering that several of us are fellow of the American Physical Society, as it gives a sign of the quality of the research done in our physics oriented institutes.”

Each year, only a half percent of the members of the American Physical Society is recognized and honoured for election to the status of fellow.

More info: APS Fellowship

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