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New estate monitor provides insight into (plans for) new estate development

20 November 2019

Where in the Netherlands are the most new houses being built and how many new houses will there actually be? With the Nieuwbouwmonitor (new estate monitor), you can keep track of new estate development in the Netherlands. For example, you can see how many open planning permissions lie within five kilometres of a Natura 2000 protected area. This app, developed by the Geodienst and the Real Estate Centre of the UG, offers an overview of the state of new estate development in the Netherlands. The Nieuwbouwmonitor has been nominated for the SODA 2019 award of the Ministry of the Interior.

Rising property prices

Property prices are soaring again: prices have risen by 30 percent since 2015. The demand for rented houses and private properties is only increasing but the supply is lagging behind. This has led to a sharp increase in rent and sales prices, making houses unaffordable for many households. The debate about the nitrogen crisis is not improving the prospects. The question that follows from this is what should we expect for the coming years? Have we already experienced the biggest rise in prices or should we brace ourselves for prices to increase even more? These questions are not only on the minds of many households but are also bothering municipalities, developers and builders. They want to know if they can develop new estate plans with an easy mind. The Nieuwbouwmonitor helps to find the answers to these questions.

Example from The Nieuwbouwmonitor
Example from The Nieuwbouwmonitor

Example of analyses

The Nieuwbouwmonitor offers information on new estate developments based on data from the Addresses and Buildings key register (BAG). The app enables users to examine new estate down to the smallest detail, such as numbers, construction duration, size, type and location of houses. Thanks to the Nieuwbouwmonitor, for example, we know that roughly 51% of all open planning permissions are within five kilometres of a Natura 2000 area.

Take a look at the Nieuwbouwmonitor

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