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Dömling’s Drug Design research features in C&EN

13 March 2019

A recent publication from Prof. Alex Dömling’s group features in a news article on the website Chemical & Engineering News of the American Chemical Society. The article describes how they applied ultrasound to greatly accelerate the development of synthetic methods for drug discovery.

Dömling comments: “Optimization of chemical compounds, for example, to incorporate drug-like properties is performed in reoccurring lengthy cycles. Traditional synthetic chemistry is slow, expensive, resource consuming and often performed on an unnecessary large scale. In the Drug Design Department of GRIP, we probe novel miniaturized, automated and accelerated ways to perform synthetic chemistry. Here we used acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) to form 2.5 nL droplets and perform synthetic chemistry therein. This way hundreds or thousands of discrete chemical compounds can be produced per day in an automated fashion. Automated, miniaturized technologies together with fast biological screening and artificial intelligence - we predict - will change the face of future drug discovery.”

The original research article can be found here .

Last modified:13 March 2019 12.28 p.m.

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