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Hanze UAS and UG suspend Vindicat’s committee grants for this academic year

12 September 2017

The University of Groningen and the Hanze UAS Groningen became aware on Sunday evening 10 September of two recent incidents in which members of Vindicat atque polit were involved. The investigation of the facts is still underway. What is clear is that neither incident is in line with the code of behaviour or the desired cultural shift in the student association on which accreditation dep ends. The UG and Hanze UAS have therefore decided to suspend payment of committee grants to Vindicat for this academic year.

At the end of the academic year, a decision will be taken about whether the current Vindicat committee members will be allowed to apply for a financial contribution from the Graduation Fund. The main condition imposed by the UG and Hanze UAS is that no new incidents may occur. The results of the investigation into the facts surrounding the two incidents last week will also play a significant role.

Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken of the UG: ‘We want the accreditation process for Vindicat and the associated dialogue to continue no matter what. Vindicat will have to make even more effort to demonstrate that it wants to prevent unacceptable behaviour on the part of its members and will invest a lot of energy in facilitating the required cultural shift.’ The accreditation committee issued its final assessment in July 2017: sufficient, on condition that... Vindicat is required to satisfy a
number of strict conditions within a year. If it does not satisfy these conditions by 15 August 2018, accreditation will not be extended. This could mean that the student association is definitively excluded from financial support from the Graduation Fund.

The Graduation Fund
The UG and the Hanze UAS grant financial support from the Graduation Fund to students who suffer study delay as a result of extraordinary family or other circumstances, who hold a committee or participation council position or are an elite athlete. A student committee/board member can claim 6 grant months. A grant month is set at € 444,20. The maximum amount is thus € 2,665 per person, in this case a total amount of € 33,315.

Note for the editors:

For more information please contact:
- Jorien Bakker, University of Groningen press officer: tel. 050-3635328 / 06-11800452, e-mail: j.a.bakker  
Steffy Praamstra, Hanze UAS Groningen press officer:: tel. 050-5955656, e-mail: pers

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