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Two young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants

11 July 2016

Two recent PhD graduates from the University of Groningen will be able to conduct research at top institutes abroad for two years thanks to the Rubicon programme organized by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The NWO Rubicon programme enables talented, young researchers to acquire international research experience to help kick-start their academic careers.

A total of 100 applications for Rubicon grants were submitted to NWO in this round, of which 22 were approved. The awardees can use their Rubicon grant to finance up to 24 months of research. The amount of the grant depends on the chosen destination and the duration of the stay. The Rubicon programme was named after the river that Julius Caesar crossed before embarking on the series of victories that eventually led to the motto ‘veni, vidi, vici’.

Accepted proposals from University of Groningen researchers

Rimke Groenewold - The use of direct speech as a compensatory device in aphasic interaction
People with aphasia have trouble with grammar and thus with constructing sentences. They often develop strategies to express themselves. This project will study in a cross-linguistic way whether grammar problems can be compensated by a strategic use of intonation. Groenewold will conduct her research at the Edith Cowan University, School of Psychology and Social Science, Australia.

Daphne Huberts - How does alcohol inhibit growth?
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can damage the unborn child. This project will investigate how molecular mechanisms, including DNA damage, result in alcohol inhibiting the growth of both brain and body. Huberts will conduct her research at the University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, United Kingdom.

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