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Massive media attention for PCS pilot

Preconception screening pilot study started 14 January 2016
19 January 2016

The Department of Genetics, UMCG, has started a pilot study offering preconception genetic screening to 100 couples wanting to start a family. The couples will be asked to participate by their family doctor. The pilot study began in 2016 in the northern Netherlands region and will cover 50 severe, rare genetic conditions. The study will also look at how many couples accept the test offered by their GP and what the psychological impact of offering the test is on those who do or do not choose to take the test. For more information see the UMCG's Press release (in Dutch and in English).

The project is being headed by clinical geneticist Prof. Irene van Langen .

For a list of all media items (in Dutch) see the PCS pilot study page (swicth language with flags in top right).
For more information on ELSI research (ethics, legal and social issues in genetics) see here

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