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Start of building work on Zernike Campus Groningen

26 February 2015
Building work at the Zernike Campus

A lot is about to change in the eastern part of the Zernike Campus Groningen. This is where the new Energy Academy Europe (2015-2016) and Zernikeborg (2016-2021) buildings will be realized. The building work can be followed through the campaign Groundbreaking Work and through Facebook.

The Energy Academy Europe looks like being the most sustainable education building in the Netherlands. In this building, business, education and science will all work together on research and innovation in the field of energy.

Schedule Energy Academy Europe

The actual construction of the Energy Academy Europe building will start on medio March 2015. The preparatory work has already begun: underground pipes have been moved, the paths around the building site have been adapted and some trees have been cut down. In the next few weeks we will be working towards the actual start of the construction work. 10.000 m3 topsoil will be moved by 150 closed trucks and preparations are taken to screw long concrete piles into the ground. The new Energy Academy Europe building is planned to be ready in the summer of 2016.

Safe traffic and reducing nuisance

Route Zernike Campus Groningen
Route Zernike Campus Groningen

Everyone who visits Zernike Campus Groningen in the coming period will be confronted with the construction work. In order to ensure safe traffic situations and to limit the nuisance to the immediate surroundings during the Energy Academy Europe construction period, the following measures have been taken:

  • Construction traffic and other traffic will be separated as much as possible: part of the cycle and pedestrian route along the Zernikelaan will be diverted. The bus lane will remain open to public transport.
  • Construction traffic may not travel faster than 30 km/h with an eye to vibration-sensitive research taking place nearby.

In addition, vibration sensitive research being conducted in nearby buildings has also affected the way that the Energy Academy Europe building will be constructed. Instead of the piles being driven into the ground, it has been decided to screw them in ( see also: video explanation).

Schedule Zernikeborg

The current Nijenborgh 4 complex no longer satisfies requirements and will be replaced by a new building, called the Zernikeborg . The construction and demolition work will start at the end of 2016 and continue until 2022. The Zernikeborg will be built in two phases: the southern end of the Zernikeborg will be built first, on the location of the current car park. The first institutes will then move in and the rearmost buildings will be demolished, creating room for the construction of phase two.

More information

Follow the building work on and on

Energy Academy Europe
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