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University of Groningen offers free Dutch courses to international students

15 November 2012

Starting in January 2013, international students at the University of Groningen will be offered a free fifty-hour beginners’ course in Dutch during their first year.

A basic knowledge of Dutch is essential for international students studying in the Netherlands. It allows them to find their way around the city and the shops, and communicate with other (Dutch) students. The University hopes that after the course, students will continue to work on their Dutch language skills. The idea behind this initiative of the University of Groningen is to encourage more international students to stay in the Netherlands after graduating and develop their talents here.

International students will take this beginners’ course in Dutch at the University Language Centre. The offer will apply to all international students starting a non-Dutch-taught Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme, but not to exchange students attending the University of Groningen for a short period.

The language courses themselves will focus on communication, which means that the lessons will involve active exercises in speaking Dutch. Topics covered will include introducing yourself, placing an order in a café or restaurant, making appointments, making suggestions, buying something at the market, asking for directions, going to the doctor and getting your bike repaired.

Separate classes will be arranged for German-speaking students. German and Dutch are very similar and so the fifty contact hours will be used to combine a beginners’ and advanced course.

More information: the University Language Centre

Note for the press

More information:

Anje Dijk, Director Language Centre, tel. +31 (0)50-363 5802/5802, a.m.dijk

Berna de Boer, Language centre teacher, +31 (0)50-363 5960,

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