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18 September: Lecture by Jeroen Smit, author of ‘De Prooi’ [The Prey], at the Faculty of Economics and Business

10 September 2009
Jeroen Smit
Jeroen Smit

On Friday 18 September 2009, Jeroen Smit will open the symposium ‘Bridging Science & Practice’ organized by the expertise centre for HRM & OB of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen . In this public opening lecture, the author of the bestseller De Prooi. Blinde trots breekt ABN AMRO ’ [The Prey. Blind pride breaks ABN AMRO] wil discuss his experiences. ‘Everyone who is successful gets a bit arrogant and starts to believe in his own reality’, according to Smit.

Registration for the HRM symposium is compulsory, but the opening lecture by Jeroen Smit is open to the public. There are a limited number of places available on a first-come first-serve basis. Location: the Remonstrantse Kerk, Coehoornsingel 14 in the centre of Groningen. Smit will be speaking at 10.15 a.m.


Believing in your own reality

Smit will discuss the theme of ‘power, leadership and ethical decision-making’ based on his own experiences. ‘I’m convinced that everyone who is successful gets a bit arrogant and starts to believe in their own reality. That’s why it’s important to have people with different views around you, who show you that not only blue but also orange can be a great colour. This diversity of opinions must be guaranteed within a company by, for example, the Supervisory Board. Finally, it’s important to get your feet back onto the ground in good time, to use a system of checks and balances.’

Alumnus of the Year

Jeroen Smit (1963) is the author of the bestsellers ‘De Prooi, blinde trots breekt ABN Amro’ and ‘Het Drama Ahold’ [The Ahold Drama]. He is also a commentator and a presenter for various media, including the radio station BNR and the current-affairs show NOVA on television. Previously he was editor-in-chief and publisher of FEM/DeWeek, head of the economics section of the Algemeen Dagblad and an editor for Het Financieele Dagblad. Jeroen Smit graduated with a degree in Business Studies from the University of Groningen. He was recently voted the University of Groningen Alumnus of the Year.


HRM Symposium
The HRM & OB expertise centre of the Faculty of Economics and Business is organizing the second ‘Bridging Science & Practice’ symposium. The theme on 18 September is The People make (and break) the place: power, leadership and ethical decision-making. The expertise centre will demonstrate how questions that organizations currently have can be answered with the help of academic research. In addition to keynote speaker Jeroen Smit, other speakers at the symposium include Janka Stoker (Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at the Faculty, and Senior Management Consultant at Berenschot) and Pauline van der Meer Mohr (formally Senior Executive Vice President and head of Human Resources at ABN AMRO).



Professor Janka Stoker, one of the speakers at the symposium, will be keeping a weblog in September about science, current affairs and her own research on the Kennisdebat website of the University of Groningen. Find her contributions at: 

Note for the press

For more information about the opening lecture and the symposium contact: Dr. Floor Rink, tel. (050)363 4099,

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