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Applying Social Psychology; Buunk A.P. & Van Vugt, M

12 november 2008

Applying Social Psychology; Buunk A.P & Van Vught, M
uitgever: Sage
uitgave: november 2007
pagina's: 176

ISBN hardcover: 9781412902823
ISBN paperback: 9781412902830

Introducing a new methodological approach for doing applied psychology, the PATH model, this book offers a simple, systematic, step-by-step, easy-to-use methodology for applying primarily social psychological theory to a wide range of social problems, from tackling crime and prejudice to fostering environmental conservation and team performance.

It helps and guides students to define a problem, conduct a theory-based analysis, develop an explanatory model, set up and execute a research project to test the model, and develop an intervention.

Applying Social Psychology is a highly practical text, which can be used by introductory and advanced level students who want to learn how to analyze practical problems and develop solutions for these problems based upon social psychological theory and research.

Written in an engaging and accessible way, this book offers:

  1. A new methodological model put forward by the authors (PATH model);
  2. Real world case studies;
  3. End of chapter exercises;
  4. Interviews with leading social psychologists;
  5. Glossary of key theories and concepts in social psychology;
  6. Recommended further reading
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