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Internationale Betrekkingen

  • Testimonial van Student Elisa Tuijnder

    I specialized in African Studies and International Development

    After gaining my Bachelor's degree in History I started the Research Master's degree programme in Modern History and International Relations at the University of Groningen. My History programme was rather broad-based and I knew that this Master's programme offered a lot of room for personal preferences and specialization. During my Master's I specialized in African Studies and International Development.

    In the first year I followed several research seminars on Africa, and in the second I started a placement at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. In this centre I helped disseminate knowledge and understanding of African communities and developed all kinds of tools, such as a mobile app. I then moved to the UK to complete my specialization. I liked it so much that I decided to stay and write my Master's thesis on school systems in Congo (DRC). My thesis analyses a potential new development in the provision of education by non-state actors such as religious institutions. This is a topic that will lead us to debates and questions such as: 'Can we use religion for development cooperation?'

    In the future I would like to work for an international advisory centre, or perhaps as an operational manager for an NGO – preferably a development organization, so that I can use my knowledge and expertise to analyse and help improve local policy.

    – Student Elisa Tuijnder
  • Testimonial van

    Research Master's Student Patty Huijbers About Her Research Assistants Programme

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