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OnderwijsOpleidingenMaster en PhD opleidingenEuropese Letteren en Interculturaliteit
Header image Europese Letteren en Interculturaliteit

Europese Letteren en Interculturaliteit


  • Frisian Literature (specialisatie)
  • French Literature (specialisatie)
  • German Literature (specialisatie)
  • Italian Literature (specialisatie)
  • Russian Literature (specialisatie)
  • Spanish Literature (specialisatie)
  • Swedish Literature (specialisatie)
  • Master's Honours Programme (honoursprogramma)

    The Master's Honours Programme was developed especially for students who want to get more from their studies.

    It is a programme worth 15 ECTS that is followed in addition to the standard Master's programme. It is a one-year interdisciplinary programme that is designed to introduce students to various aspects of leadership.

  • Master's placement (specialisatie)

    During this Master's track, you can follow a placement for ECTS credit points.

    It is your responsibility to find a placement yourself, but the Mobility Office can offer help with this where necessary. Click the link above to find examples of placements completed by other Master's students.

Opbouw programma

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In addition to the range of course units provided by this track itself, students can also follow Masterlanguage courses. Masterlanguage is a national programme that offers courses for students of i.a. German, English, French and Italian. The courses are taught in the target language (except Greek and Latin) and are jointly organized by lecturers from Radboud University, the University of Groningen, Leiden University, Utrecht University, the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. More information about the courses, entry requirements and registration can be found on the Masterlanguage website: You may follow Masterlanguage courses in consultation with the Board of Examiners of your Master's degree programme.

Studeren in het buitenland

  • Studeren in het buitenland is facultatief
Waarom in Groningen?
  • German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish or Swedish literature
  • Modern and unique track with focus on Media, Markets and Communication

Each Master's track has a study advisor whom you can contact if you have questions or need advice about your degree programme and other study-related matters. Everything you discuss will be treated confidentially. If you have a more complex problem, for example study delay, a performance disability or if you are ill for a long time, you should contact a student counsellor.

In addition, you can also follow various courses at the Study Support section of the Student Service Centre (SSC), for example on study stress and holding presentations.

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