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European Economic Law

Brochure over de opleiding European Economic Law
Brochure over de opleiding European Economic Law
  • Testimonial van Jozef Badida

    European Law

    During my legal studies in Bratislava I had the opportunity to participate in the following programmes: an Erasmus in Gent, Leonardo da Vinci training in Malaga and Work & Travel USA. These experiences made my enrollment in the Master of the Laws (LLM) programme at the Law Faculty of the University of Groningen an informed decision.

    Having specialized in European Law, I was privileged to be supervised by leading and renowned scholars in their fields of specialization in the European Union (EU). The metropolitan society of the Netherlands and the internationalization policy of the University of Groningen allowed me to interact with people of many nationalities, resulting in a lot of insights into other cultures and ways of life. This will definitely be beneficial in my future career path. It is my hope that this reputable education is going to be the key to attaining my goal to work for the European Commission.

    – Jozef Badida
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