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Studying English within European Languages and Cultures

Bachelor’s degree programme in European Languages and Cultures
NB. A-levels/vwo eindexamen/Abitur or equivalent with English as subject is obligatory to be admitted to English as major language.

The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland have played important political and cultural roles in Europe for a long time. The United Kingdom has always had a troubled relationship with continental Europe and its political structures. Ireland, on the other hand, has liberated itself from British influence and is an active member of the European family.

An economic power with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom is still a globally important country. However, its strong ties to the Commonwealth and the wider world mean that its role on a European scale is more modest. The United Kingdom is torn between its global role and its position among the traditional powers within Europe. However, despite its limited involvement in Europe and the European Union, the United Kingdom has made great cultural contributions – think, for example, of the British Empire, the Industrial Revolution and subcultures such as Beat and Punk.

Why English?

The English specialization within the degree programme in European Languages and Cultures focuses on the wide literary, cultural, historical, social and political spectrum of Europe, with specific emphasis on British or Irish literature and linguistics. You will familiarize yourself with English linguistics, further develop your English proficiency and follow a number of general lectures in the fields of English linguistics and literature in a European context. You could, for example, combine the Politics and Society profile within European Languages and Cultures with courses in Journalism or International Relations, or focus on modern literary history, for example via a comparative study of European writers.

In your second or third year you can spend a semester at a university abroad. Your Bachelor’s degree programme is rounded off with a thesis, in which you discuss a topic in the field of English language, literature, culture, politics or society in a European context.

Depending on your choices of profile, Minor and possible Master’s degree programme, you may find a career as an editor, journalist or publisher, at an international organization or in the business world, or perhaps as an academic researcher in the field of European Studies. In addition, the English specialization within ETC also grants admission to the Master of Arts in English Teaching programme, where you can gain your grade-one teaching qualification, after following a pre-master minor in English Language and Culture. For more information contact your studyadvisor.

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David Lijdsman - Student of ELC English

‘I started off doing sociology, but it wasn’t my thing. Browsing the University of Groningen website, I came across European Languages and Cultures and thought it might be more interesting. I chose Politics and Society, and English as my main language. You learn to write an academic essay in English during the fortnightly seminars. It’s hard work, but it’s fun too. We always work in groups, so you learn a lot from each other. I’m doing American History as an elective and have to write an essay for Politics and Society in which I show the links between Europe and America. I also choose Spanish as my elective and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know exactly what I want to do next, but it definitely involves going abroad!’

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