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Department of American Studies
Kristi Dehan-Schmidt
Kristi Dehan-Schmidt
Dr. Tim Jelfs
Dr. Tim Jelfs
Dr. Anne Martinez
Dr. Anne Martinez
E.A. Olsen, PhD
Erik Olsen, PhD
Dr. Jelte Olthof
Dr. Jelte Olthof
Dr. K.S. Roberts
Dr. Kathryn Roberts
Jennifer Schnepf, PhD
Jennifer Schnepf, PhD
Dr. Mark Thompson
Dr. Mark Thompson
Dr. Jeanette den Toonder
Dr. Jeanette den Toonder
Dr. Maarten Zwiers
Dr. Maarten Zwiers

Faculty and Staff

Faculty E-mail Title Expertise
Dehan-Schmidt, K.U. (Kristi)

room 1315.0304


Research interests/teaching focus: History of and contemporary challenges facing the First Amendment (Freedom of speech) in the United States, specifically on university campuses; political utilization of the First Amendment by populist figures; access to speech/ socio-political engagement in the digital age; historical/ economic/ political sources causes for (in)voluntary migration movements between South America and North America as well as into Europe

Jelfs, dr. T. (Tim)


room 1315.0309

Assistant Professor Twentieth and Twenty-first Century American literature, culture, politics and history; Democracy, imperialism and militarism in U.S. history, culture and politics; Marxist approaches to American culture
Martinez, dr. A.M. (Anne)


room 1315.0308

Assistant Professor Twentieth Century cultural and intellectual histories; U.S.-Mexico relations; Mexican American history and culture; American Catholicism; Religion and national identity
Olsen, E.A., PhD (Erik)


room 1315.0324

Lecturer Twentieth and Twentifirst Century American governance, public policy and affairs, politics and culture; the relationships between branches of government and the bureaucracy and issues related to national security concerns balanced with civil liberties and Constitutional protections
Olthof, dr. J. (Jelte)


room 1315.0306

Assistant Professor Legal and political history of the United States Constitution; American Government and Political Development; Antebellum American political history (1776-1865); Rhetorical Criticism
Roberts, dr. K.S. (Kathryn)


room 1315.0311

Assistant Professor

U.S. Literature and Culture (1900-present); Sociological and Institutional approaches; Creative and reproductive labor; Artist communities; Podcasts

Schnepf, dr. J.D. (Jennifer)


room 1315.0314

Assistant Professor US literature and culture (Contemporary), Gender, Imperialism, Media Studies
Thompson, dr. M.L. (Mark)


room 1315.0310

Assistant Professor Colonial America, the American Revolution, the Early Republic, and the US South; Ethnicity, national identity and race; Early Modern Atlantic World
den Toonder, dr. J.M.L. (Jeanette)


room 1315.0191

Assistant Professor; Director Center for Canadian Studies Canadian Studies; French and Francophone Contemporary Literature and Culture; Minority and First Nations Literature in Canada
Zwiers, dr. M. (Maarten)


room 1312.0525

Assistant Professor U.S. History, History of the U.S. South, Political Culture, American Studies, Southern Studies, Regional Identity, Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Civil War.
Staff E-mail Title
Drs E.M. Herman-Pletiougina



Academic Advisor

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