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General information

Registering at the University of Groningen

You must register as a student at the UG before 1 September 2023. Studielink provides an overview of everything you will need to arrange, including ID, qualifications and payment of tuition fees. You will not be able to start the degree programme unless all these matters have been arranged by 1 September 2023.

Please contact the UG Information Services if you have any further questions about registering.

Please check the following ‘to do’ list to make sure you are properly prepared when you start your degree programme.

You can find practical information about studying and living in Groningen on this website.

Functional impairment

If you have ADD, ASS, dyslexia or another functional impairment that might interfere with your study or study progress, please contact the study advisors History (Hidde and Bob) before 1 July 2022 via historyadvice Discussing your situation and possible options for support is of course strictly confidential. For more general information, please also see the available information on the University of Groningen website. If you would want to make use of special facilities, please contact the study advisors as soon as possible via

Even if you already indicated having special circumstances in Studielink, we urge you to contact us directly. The Study Advisors will only receive the Studielink information after the start of the year, which can be too late to arrange possible study support in time.

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