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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Yess BSS

Working groups


Members: Verena Seibel (chair), Jasperina Brouwer, Namkje Koudenburg

The topic of diversity and equality is crucial for the BSS faculty, which aims at attracting the best scientists and providing equal opportunities for all early career researchers. Increasing and maintaining equality, however, can be challenged by unconscious bias, lack of clarity with regards to what extent minorities are represented in which functions and whether regulations actually represent the interests of minorities successfully. Within the working group Diversity we aim to:

  • collect data on the representation of minorities (e.g. gender, ethnic background);
  • increase awareness about diversity issues within our faculty;
  • improve the information platform for young academic staff regarding regulations and policies targeting diversity issues;
  • provide recommendations for improved policy on the faculty level.
Non-Tenure Track policy

Members: Susan Niessen (chair), Laura Bringmann, Jasperina Brouwer

Most career policies apply to scientific staff in tenure track positions. However, the faculty has a significant amount of scientific early career researchers who are not in a tenure track, and often have fixed-term contracts. In this working group, we aim to get more insight into the policies and career opportunities for non-TT staff, and provide recommendations for improved policy.

Open Science

Members: Vera Heininga (chair), Gert Stulp, Tina Kretschmer, Rink Hoekstra, Charlotte Vrijen

We founded the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG) in collaboration with colleagues from the UMCG with the aim to facilitate large-scale adoption of open, reproducible and responsible science practices within the BSS faculty and beyond. Examples of practices are, but not limited to:

  • Open Access publishing
  • Preregistration
  • Publishing null-findings
  • Data management
  • Sharing data & code
Team rewards

Members: Namkje Koudenburg (chair), Tina Kretschmer, Anita Keller.

The vision for science outlined by the Dutch public knowledge institutions and funders of research (VSNU, NFU, ZonMW, KNAW and NWO) set ambitious goals for improving team science. In this working group, we assess the possibilities of implementing a team reward structure within the faculty of behavioural and social sciences. Beyond that, by making optimal use of the knowledge on groups and organizations within our faculty, we hope to contribute to the larger debate within the university on implementing structural changes that appreciate team efforts within science.

Tenure Track

Members: Laura Baams (chair), Laura Bringmann, Namkje Koudenburg, Tina Kretschmer, Miriam Lommen, Anita Keller, Gert Stulp

The BSS faculty started implementing tenure track regulations in 2007, and since then a lot has changed in the faculty and Dutch academia. This has implications for whether the current tenure track regulations still work in the same way. The current regulations may inadvertently disadvantage some groups of early career researchers or create extra work pressure and stress. In this working group, we evaluate the current tenure track policy and formulate recommendations to improve the policy.

Stress in academia

Members: Anita Keller (chair), Laura Bringmann, Verena Seibel, Anne van Hoogmoed, Maaike Engels

Recent employee surveys and studies conducted in the Netherlands showed that university staff suffers from various stressors such as high workload, poor work-life balance, and a lack of career prospects including job insecurity. In this working group, we organize events to support university staff in their coping with these working conditions. In addition, we identify policies and procedures that increase stress among staff and aim to recommend alternatives to relevant decision-makers.


Members: Laura Bringmann (chair), Charlotte Vrijen, Anne van Hoogmoed, Miriam Lommen.

In order to spread the information about policy and our activities to ECRs, we are working on making the YESS BSS better visible for the intended audience, and also to connect ECRs with each other. We do this by developing this website and organizing public events at the faculty.

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