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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Yess BSS

Working groups

 Working group: Open Science

Members: : Lisette de Jonge-Hoekstra, Maddie Judge en Anja Ernst

The YESS BSS Open Science working group co-founded the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG) in collaboration with colleagues from the UMCG with the aim to facilitate large-scale adoption of open, reproducible and responsible science practices within the BSS faculty and beyond. Examples of practices are, but not limited to:

  • Open Access publishing
  • Preregistration
  • Publishing null-findings
  • Data management
  • Sharing data & code

Working group: Career Perspectives

Members: Laura Cuijpers (chair), Vincenz Frey, Maddie Judge + Wim Meerholz, Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans, Nienke Cuijpers

Career perspectives at the BSS faculty and Dutch academia are changing, from the implementation of tenure track regulations in 2007 to the very recent changes in the CAO in an aim to limit job insecurity for ECR’s. In this working group, we aim to get more insight into the policies and career opportunities for ECR’s, and provide recommendations for improved policy.

Working group: Visibility & Valorization

Members: Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans (chair), Nanxi Yan, Anja Ernst, Lisette de Jonge-Hoekstra

In order to spread the information about policy and our activities to ECRs, we are working on making the YESS BSS better visible for the intended audience, and also to connect ECRs with each other. We do this by developing this website and organizing public events at the faculty. 

Working group: Stress in academia

Members: Antje Schmitt (chair), Wim Meerholz, Nanxi Yan, Nienke Cuijpers.

Published studies and data collected at our university show that researchers suffer from various stressors, such as high workload, poor work-life balance, and job insecurity due to a lack of career prospects. In this working group, we aim to identify the conditions and factors that contribute to the experience of stress and strain in researchers (and particularly early career researchers), and to organize events and develop tools to support them in coping with these working conditions. In addition, we aim to identify organizational constraints (e.g., policies, procedures, insufficient resources and information) that increase stress among staff and recommend alternatives to relevant decision makers.

Working group: Representative Diversity and Inclusion

Members: Maddie Judge

Diversity and inclusion are vital to foster a safe and healthy working environment. The aim of this YESS BSS working group is to examine diversity and inclusion policies and meet the needs of ECRs at BSS with regard to diversity and inclusion.

Working group: Funding opportunities and Team Science

Members: Antje Schmitt, Vincenz Frey, Laura Cuijpers, Thijs Bouman (chair)

Research is a team endeavor, requiring the sharing of ideas and scientific discussion to sharpen our understanding of the world. Particularly for ECRs, collaborations between researchers, for instance on research projects and proposals, are vital to an academic career. This working group aims to facilitate and encourage collaborations between early career researchers, expand their networks, and identify and document opportunities to finance (joint) research projects.

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