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Method and participants

This research project consists of three separate studies. The first study is a systematic analysis of judicial sources and policy documents. This will outline the international and national frameworks for the participation of children under the age of twelve.

The second study is an interview study wherein those involved in an out-of-home placement decision will be questioned regarding current practices and how the participation of children under twelve can be strengthened. We aim to talk to 20 children between the ages of five and twelve through interviewing and activities. In addition, we will interview child welfare workers, guardians ad litem , family judges, child lawyers, and child protection investigators (10 of each professional group).

The third study consists of a case file analysis, wherein the degree of participation of young children in out-of-home placement decisions is explored. The case files illustrate which characteristics of children and their families determine which children are involved in the decision-making process and what the trajectories of these children are.

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