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Working in times of Corona

Impact of Corona on firefighters

We assessed how firefighters, who were assessed several times before corona, are currently doing.

Project collaborators: Miriam Lommen, Brian Ostafin,Judith Daniels & Lea Jasmin Seidel
Contactperson: Lea Jasmin Seidel
Department: Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Posttraumatic adjustment in health care workers

We are assessing posttraumatic adjustment in health care workers

Project collaborators: Judith Daniels & many international researchers
Contactperson: Judith Daniels
Projectwebsite: ;
Department: Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Teaching in times of COVID-19: teacher's stress, well-being and remote teaching practices

We conducted an online survey about how teachers (primary, secondary, vocational education) implement distance education, and about the effects of the corona crisis on their stress and well-being. Over 300 teachers participated; there will be a follow up of a small sample for online interviews.

Project collaborators: Elisa Kupers, Jolien Mouw (Educational Sciences, RUG), Marjon Fokkens (Teacher education, RUG)
Contactperson: Elisa Kupers
Department: Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, Inclusive & Special Needs Education (Ortho)

Thrive at home and at work: Implications of working from home for performance and well-being

We investigate how the large-scale working from home accelerates labor market trends and affects worker effectiveness, well-being, and social dynamics over 6 months.

Project collaborators: Anita Keller, Sharon Parker1, Caroline Knight1, Yukun Liu1 ( 1=Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, Australia)
Contactperson: Anita Keller
Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Effectiveness of employee regulation strategies

We investigate what strategies are effective for workers to feel good (e.g., purposeful, connected and appreciated by others), be effective at their work (e.g., high performing, adaptive), and successfully balance private and work demands on a daily basis.

Project collaborators: Anita Keller, Sharon Parker1, Caroline Knight1, Yukun Liu1 ( 1=Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, Australia)
Contactperson: Anita Keller
Department: Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Leadership behavior and employee outcomes

In this three-wave study we investigate changes in leader behaviors during the crisis and relationships with employee outcomes (e.g., future prospects, optimism, and well-being indicators)

Project collaborators: Antje Schmitt, Sandra Ohly (University of Kassel, Germany), Anja Göritz (University of Freiburg, Germany)
Contactperson: Antje Schmitt
Department: Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Working conditions and wellbeing of teachers

Study on working conditions and well-being of teachers during the Corona lockdown. The study makes a comparison between pre-Corona and post-Corona working conditions and outcomes.

Project collaborators: Kathrin Hilger, Melanie Keller (Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education), Anne Frenzel (Ludwig‐Maximilians University, Munich), Susanne Scheibe
Contactperson: Susanne Scheibe
Department: Psychology, Organizational Psychology


Research on Entrepreneurship (effects of coronacrisis on entrepreneurial goal progress and appraisal processes)

Project collaborators: Anne-Kathrin Kleine, Antje Schmitt, Barbara Wisse
Contactperson: Anne-Kathrin Kleine
Department: Psychology, Organizational Psychology

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