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Corona's impact on societal groups

Impact of Corona on East versus West Germans

We are comparing how East Germans do in times of corona compared to West Germans.

Project collaborators: Brian Ostafin,Judith Daniels & Lea Jasmin Seidel
Contactperson: Lea Jasmin Seidel
Department: Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Mental health in the gas extraction region

We assessed how Corona impacts those exposed versus not exposed to gas extraction in the North of Groningen. Questions were administered as part of a longitudinal panel study.

Project collaborators: Katherine Stroebe, Tom Postmes, Justin Richardson, Babet Kanis, Marlon de Jong, Marjolein Boendermaker, Lieke Schoutens
Contactperson: Katherine Stroebe
Department: Psychology, Social Psychology

Integration despite isolation. Social connections and belonging of refugees in times of Corona

When in March 2020, the Netherlands went in lockdown and suddenly the university, schools and shops had to close, questions emerged how newcomers would experience this time. Together with a team of students, the organizations ‘Groningen Verwelkomt’ and ‘Heel Groningen helpt’ as well as three Syrian researchers, Nina Hansen conducted research about the situation of newcomers in the Netherlands during the lockdown. In videos and a national webinar, the team shared their main findings and practical recommendations for societal actors. The most important finding is that integration almost stagnated and still does. It is therefore essential to bring newcomers and Dutch people into contact with each other, because contact is crucial for integration.

Project collaborators: Nina Hansen, Liesbet Heyse, Marloes Huis, Eline Heikamp, Helena Punjer, Majd Jabbour, Sama Aalaloush, Adham Elias Botrous
Contactperson: Nina Hansen
Department: Psychology, Social Psychology

Outputs so far:

• The project was nominated for the Ben Feringa Student Impact Award 2022, Eline Heikamp who wrote her master thesis in this project, received an honorable mention.

Video about the project "Integration despite isolation" about the psychological consequences and recommendations for the integration of newcomers during the pandemic.

• Recording of a nationwide webinar from December 3, 2020

• Short video of this webinar was recently shared to make societal actors aware about the still precarious situation of newcomers.

RUG news article (December 1, 2020). Integration of newcomers is almost at a standstill. Evidence-based recommendations for the practical field. Also mentioned in in RUG and Faculty BSS newsletter.

Article in Dagblad Van Het Noorden (03/12/2020). Integratie statushouders stokt door corona.

Article in Friesch Dagblad (03/12/2020). Integratie van nieuwkomers staat bijna stil door coronacrisis.

• Shared on social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn via project team and beyond via Social Psychology department, Faculty, RUG, European Association of Social Psychology.

• Example blogs: Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, RUG.

Grief and Bereavement during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Within this project we aim investigate grief responses during the Coronavirus pandemic. We aim to shed light on acute and prolonged grief reactions after losses due to COVID-19 and the characteristics of grief and bereavement before and after the pandemic.

Project collaborators : Maarten Eisma, Aerjen Tamminga (; various other grief researchers
Contactperson: Maarten Eisma
Department: Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology

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