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Additional requirements for students with a completed propaedeutic exam at college level

You wish to be admitted to the bachelor programme of Psychology, Pedagogical Sciences or Sociology. You are not a graduate of secondary science education and do not have a valid diploma from an appropriate secondary school, but you do hold a propedeutic year on college level*. Well, you can! You have to take and pass a supplementary exam.

*Also applies in the case of a completed hbo.

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What does the exam involve

The exam consists of 2 parts: Mathematics and English. Both tests must be completed with a pass mark (minimum 6).

  • Mathematics test
    Mathematics will be tested making arithmetical calculations. Many English books can be used, search for: "common core" and algebra 1".  Subjects to be studied: [1] Foundations for algebra [2] Solving equations [3] Solving inequalities [4] An introduction to functions [5] Linear  functions [6] Systems of equations and inequalities [7] Exponents and exponential functions [8] Polynomials and factoring [9] Quadratic functions and equations [10] Radical expressions and equations [11] Rational expressions and functions [12] Data analysis and probability (only summation and factorials).
    While making the test calculators or other aids are not allowed.
  • English test
    You will be tested at vwo level and manner: you answer multiple choice questions about a piece of text. It is not allowed to use dictionaries.
    For the English-language Psychology programme you should be able to transfer a succesfully completed IELTS, a TOEFL or a Cambridge test. It is wise to sign up at an early stage for one of these tests at one of the institutes offering these tests.

Exam dates and location

The exams will be taken at the RUG, at the Aletta Jacobs hall. The exam dates/times are:

  • Friday 20 May 2022
    9.00-11.00 Mathematics*
    15.00-16.30 English*
  • Friday 24 June 2022
    8.30-10.30 Mathematics*
    15.00-16.30 English*
    * Times are subject to change. 

Registration deadlines

Once you have registered for the bachelor programme, you will be notified as soon as possible when and how you can apply for the tests. Then you can make the payments also.

  • Friday 6 May 2022 (for the test on 20 May)
  • Friday 10 June 2022 (for the test on 24 June)


The costs for participation are a one-off total of 50 euros. For 50 euro's you can take both tests and you can take a resit of both tests once in the same academic year. The amount must be credited to the bank account below 10 working days (is equal to the final registration dates for the tests) before the test is taken.

Non-payment means no participation in the test. There is no possibility to refund this amount.

Payment details
University of Groningen, faculty GMW
IBAN: NL 87 ABNA 0401 7178 01
Mentioning: 120007/student name (last name, initials) /admission exam


Didn't you pass the test the first time? Then you can redo it once. So if you didn't pass the tests on 20 May, you can make a second attempt on 24 June.

The resit is included in the 50 euros you paid. If you take the test for the first time on 24 June, there is no possibility to resit: you can only participate the procedure again a year later.

Validity period

The results of the individual tests are valid for one year, so only in the year you took the test. If you have passed both tests in one year, the results obtained are valid for up to 2 years.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to mail to toelatingstoetsen.gmw

Programme procedures and deadlines

Our bachelor programmes have different procedures and deadlines.

AOLB, Pedagogical Sciences and Sociology
  • Anyone who wants to be admitted takes part in the matching procedure
  • Registration deadline in Studielink: 1 May 2022
  • Anyone wishing to be admitted will take part in the selection procedure
  • Registration deadline in Studielink: 15 January 2022
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