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ECTS and Grading System

ECTS and Course workload

The study load of each course is expressed in European Credits (ECs). Most courses are worth 5 EC. One EC is the equivalent of 28 hours of study (preparing for/attending classes, practicals, exams, groupwork etc). An academic year consists of 60 ECs.

Our "regular" degree (MSc, BSc) students take courses for a total of 60 ECTS in a year: 30 ECTS per semester, 15 ECTS per period (one semester has 2 periods). We advise you to do the same, to make sure you have a balanced studyload. 

Grading system

The Dutch grading scale runs from 10 (outstandig) to 1 (very poor), in which 5.5 is the minimum pass mark. Grades 9 and 10 are rarely awarded. 


All results of examinations taken by students at the faculty are registered by the Educational Administration after they are handed in by the professor/lecturer responsible.

You can see your grades online at  ProGRESS WWW .

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