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Optimization of energy distribution in smart grids

PhD ceremony:Mr A. (Ang) Sha
When:March 09, 2020
Supervisor:prof. dr. ir. M. (Marco) Aiello
Co-supervisor:prof. dr. A. Lazovik
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Optimization of energy distribution in smart grids

The power grid is undergoing a substantial change due to the advancements in information technology and the increasing penetration of renewable sources at all scales. This transformation is captured by the term Smart Grid. The evolution towards the Smart Grid paves the road for end-users to become pro-active in the distribution system and, equipped with small-scale renewable energy generators (e.g., photovoltaic panels) and storage systems, to become “prosumers”. The prosumer is engaged in both energy production and consumption. Prosumers’ energy can be transmitted and exchanged as a commodity between end-users, disrupting the traditional utility model.

To facilitate the transition to a prosumers’ governed grid, we propose a novel strategy for optimizing peer-to-peer energy distribution in the Smart Grid. The strategy is based on prosumer’s involvement and considers the energy loss of delivery, the network topology, and the physical constraints of distribution networks. We evaluate the strategy on several synthetic distribution networks based on fundamental topologies: radial, random graph, small-world, and complete graph models. We then take one step further and consider a possible scenario where prosumers can provision also with energy storage systems to save electrical energy that is produced but not utilized immediately. After fulfilling its individual demands, prosumers can sell and distribute their surplus energy among each other, or store the energy into their batteries for later self-usage or reselling. We propose a model of battery storage systems to optimize energy costs for prosumers cooperating with the peer-to-peer energy distribution.