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Catalysis and communication in dynamic molecular networks

PhD ceremony:Mr H. Fanlo Virgos
When:January 09, 2015
Supervisor:prof. dr. S. (Sijbren) Otto
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Catalysis and communication in dynamic molecular networks

The interactions of a Dynamic Combinatorial Library (DCL) of molecules with specific targets leads to composition changes of the library which can reveal potential guests and / or catalysts. In this thesis some chemical systems have been proposed to achieve a certain level of molecular complexity and interactions within molecular networks by using DCC. These systems were implemented for the discovery of catalysts and the construction of molecular communication networks.

The catalytic potential of some of the libraries and the multi-phase combinatorial systems discovered, may constitute the foundations of promising complex systems with emergent properties where the behavior of the whole network cannot be explained by only the effect of the individual components.