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Promotion to Associate Professor 2

After having received tenure and having been appointed for five years, Assistant Professors can apply for promotion by requesting to be appraised by the BC1. The BC1 meets 3 times per year, on the first Tuesdays of December, March, and June (click here for the schedule). Staff members can apply for an appraisal by contacting HR (hra-bb


The appraisal is based on the candidate's portfolio, letters of references, and on interviews with the candidate, the candidate’s direct supervisor, the scientific director of the institute, and the education director of the institute. The BC1 will also take into account how candidates developed in the period up to the appraisal. The advisory HR member of the committee has access to reports of the R&D interviews and will be able to point out any major discrepancies between the R&D interviews and the findings of the BC1. In such cases, the R&D interview reports may still be added to the file with the candidate’s permission, so as to give the BC1 access.

The BC1 can also look into the possibility that the candidate receives the ius promovendi . Assistant Professors should mention their wish to be granted the ius promovendi in their cover letter and demonstrate that they meet the relevant criteria in their promotion file.

Advice BC1

If the BC1 finds that a candidate meets the criteria for promotion to Associate Professor 2 in the relevant career path, it will advise the Faculty Board to promote the candidate. In addition, the BC1 may advise the Faculty Board to request the Board of Promotions to grant the candidate the ius promovendi. If the committee finds that a candidate does not fully meet all the criteria and that this is not compensated by exceptional performance in other areas, it will advise against promotion. In either case, the BC1 motivates its advice with respect to the criteria. The Faculty Board will subsequently decide about the advice, inform the candidate, and set the relevant procedures in motion. If the Faculty Board decides not to promote the staff member to Associate Professor 2, they remain Assistant Professor and can apply once more for promotion after a period of at least 3 years has passed.

Last modified:02 February 2024 1.21 p.m.