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Named chairs

at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE)

By granting the named chairs to the professors at the University of Groningen, they are honored in their work.

Below is a list of the named chairs that have been awarded to researchers of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.


Heike Kamerlingh Onnes chair for Prof. Bart van Wees

Prof. Bart van Wees is Professor at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM) and full Professor of Physics of Nanodevices since 2000. Van Wees is a world-leading physicist in quantum electronic transport.


Rudi Drent chair for Prof. Theunis Piersma

Prof. Theunis Piersma is Professor of Global Flyway Ecology at the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES) and Senior Research Scientist at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Department of Coastal Systems.


De Sitter chair for Prof. E.A. Bergshoeff

Prof. Eric A. Bergshoeff is Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. He published over 135 articles (including M-theory) and is linked to several Dutch as well as international organizations in the field of physics.


Van 't Hoff chair for Prof. Ben L. Feringa

Prof. Ben L. Feringa is Professor of synthetic organic chemistry. He is the inventor of a molecular motor and has won numerous national and international prizes (including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016).


Niko Tinbergen chair for Prof. Serge Daan

Prof. Serge Daan (1940-2018) was an inspiring biologist with a broad interest in science. He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and was knighted in the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. He was awarded several prizes and awards, including the prestigious International Prize for Biology.


J.C. Kapteyn chair for Prof. Piet van der Kruit

Prof. Piet van der Kruit is an emeritus Professor of Astronomy, and was in his career mostly involved with research and teaching on structure and dynamics of our and other galaxies.

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