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ZonMW and LIFT grant for Prof. Kuipers (GBB)

10 December 2016

Early December, two grants were awarded to Prof. Oscar Kuipers of the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute :

  • ZonMw granted EUR 250,000 to Kuipers’ group Molecular Genetics for the research project ‘Antibiotic combination therapies against drug resistant Gram- negative pathogens: Synergy with the innate immune system and effects on the emergence of heteroresistance’. The University of Utrecht is partner in the project, who was also granted EUR 250,000
  • The Innovation Fund Chemistry awarded a LIFT grant (Launchpad for Innovative Technology) for the research project ‘Preclinical validation of new semi-synthetic lipopeptide antibiotics with activity against drug-resistant pathogens’. The grant amounts EUR 285,000
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