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Matching & Admission Support

School of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) of the University of Groningen (UG) offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes for students.


For all students who want to start one of the FSE’s bachelor’s degree programmes on 1 September 2024, it is mandatory to do matching. The matching process helps students to check whether the bachelor’s degree of their choice suits them best in terms of level and content. Part of this process is an intake form, an Intercultural Faculty component and to matching tests: a mathematical test and a programme specific test. Our matching advice will be based on the tests and the intake form. Though participation in the process and finishing it before the deadline is mandatory, our matching advice is not binding.

If you have any questions about matching at the FSE, please visit our website or send an email to matching.fse .

Numerus fixus

Students who apply for a numerus fixus (fixed quota) programme will have to successfully complete a selection procedure before they can be admitted to the programme. Candidates will be selected based on their suitability and motivation for the programme. The highest ranked candidates will be admitted to the programme. The ranking will be based on the candidates' grade list and the selection test result. When candidates' scores are equal, their motivation letter and CV will be decisive. The following bachelor degree programmes are numerus fixus (fixed quota) programmes:

  • Artificial Intelligence (175 places)
  • Biomedical Engineering (125 places)
  • Computing Science (200 places)

If you have any questions about numerus fixus at the FSE, please send an email to numerusfixus.fse

Contact Matching & Numerus Fixus
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Correspondence address Numerus Fixus
Staff Matching & Numerus Fixus

Admission Support

Because we see an increase in student numbers every year and thus more admission requests we’ve organized the admissions support in one central office: Admissions Support FSE. Anyone who needs support; students, academic advisors, admissions boards or anyone who needs help and guidance regarding admission in any way can contact us via admissionsupport.fse

BSc Admission

The Admissions Board BSc programmes is mandated by the Faculty Board to decide on behalf of the Faculty Board about the admission of candidates who have made a request for admission and do not meet the entry requirements.

The board is assisted by the official secretary, mrs. Y. van der Weerd. You can contact the Admissions Board directly via admissions.board.bsc.fse or via admissionsupport.fse .

For more information on the entry requirements and procedures please visit the website of the BSc Admissions Board.

(Pre) MSc Admission

The admissions boards of the Master’s degree programmes decide upon admission of students. Concerning international students the boards are assisted by the (central) Admissions Office and the faculty’s admissions officers.

Below, you will find important information about the different possibilities, the application procedures and more for our ( Pre- ) Masters degree programmes.

You can contact us via admissionsupport.fse .

Contact information
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Roy Pheifer

+31 (0)50-3634079

Maxi Jannusch

+31 (0)50-3639691

Yvonne van der Weerd

+31 (0)50-3637361

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