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Academic Reading and Writing

Understanding and writing science texts is an important skill to be learned by science students. By reading and writing they become involved into the scientific process. As a heuristic for students we use the Scientific Argumentation Model (SAM), based on genre analysis and argumentation theory. The research is conducted in physics and biology courses for pre-university and undergraduate students.

Annelotte Lammers, Miriam Ossevoort, Marcel Koeneman, Edwin van Lacum (Amsterdam), Martin Goedhart

Key publications:

Van Lacum, E., Ossevoort, M., Buikema, H. & Goedhart, M. (2012) First experiences with reading primary literature by undergraduate life science students. International Journal of Science Education, 34(12), 1795 - 1821.

Koeneman, M., Goedhart, & Ossevoort, M.A. (2013). Introducing Pre-university Students to Primary Scientific Literature Through Argumentation Analysis. Research in Science Education, 43(5), 2009-2034.

Van Lacum, E. B., Ossevoort, M. A., & Goedhart, M. J. (2014). A Teaching Strategy with a Focus on Argumentation to Improve Undergraduate Students’ Ability to Read Research Articles. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 13(2), 253-264.

Van Lacum, E., Koeneman, M., Ossevoort, M., & Goedhart, M. (2015). Scientific argumentation model (SAM): A heuristic for reading research articles by science students. In N. Papadouris, A. Hadjigeorgiou, C. Constantinou (Eds.). Insights from research in science teaching and learning. Berlin: Springer.

Lammers, A., Goedhart, M. J., & Avraamidou, L. (2019). Reading and synthesizing science texts using a scientific argumentation model by undergraduate biology students. International Journal of Science Education 41(16), 2323-2346.

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