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Eva Maersk wins ACCOMPLISSH Impact Award 2018

15 January 2019

PhD student Eva Maersk from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences is the winner of the ACCOMPLISSH Impact Award 2018. She won the jury over with her 60 second video pitch about her research project ‘Young Regional Stayers’ and gets the opportunity to share her research via a poster presentation with international partners at the ACCOMPLISSH conference in Barcelona, on 31 January 2019. The Impact Award was first awarded in 2016 and celebrates the impact scientific research has on societal matters. The award is part of the Horizon 2020 project ACCOMPLISSH, coordinated by Sustainable Society (

“Many people choose to move in bigger cities to do their education, this often results in depopulation in villages. Now the sectors of transportation and communication technology are developing rapidly. A great opportunity to have a closer look at how young people connect with the place they grew up in. ” explains Eva. Then she continues: "I am very passionate about this subject because when I did my Masters in a regional campus of the University of Southern Denmark I noticed how much it meant for communities in regional regions to make people stay or at least return. Additionally, I was astonished about how much prejudice surrounded the people who decide to stay in or near the place they grew up. So, I decided to get to know this group of people and understand the communities they are apart of. It means a lot winning this award because, ever since I started my studies, I have been interested in how to communicate research to a broader audience. Winning this award means that I will meet and learn from other people who find this field interesting." She hopes her project will help stimulate communities.

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For more information about the Impact Award and the videos of the other contestants, please visit the Sustainable Society website

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