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Summer Course Pathways to Sustainable Futures kicks off in Brazil

19 januari 2016
Summer course PASF in Brazil
Summer course PASF in Brazil

On Monday January 18, 2016, the intensive one-week summer course "Pathways to Sustainable Futures: Dutch Urban, Environmental and Transportation Planning in an Era of Turbulence" (PASF) started in Brazil with over 70 participants. The summer course is developed by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.

The first part of PASF is a one week program in Brazil, hosted by the Federal University of ABC in São Bernardo do Campo, near São Paulo, and delivered by dr. Ward Rauws and dr. Chris Zuidema of the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment in Groningen, The Netherlands. The second part of PASF is a two week program at the University of Groningen (January 29 - February 10, 2016). No less than 175 Brazilian undergraduate, master and PhD students from fields like Territorial Planning, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism applied for the course.

The course was developed following the interest of 75 Brazilian students in urbanism, planning and planning related education and research at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences ("Sciences Without Borders" program 2013-2016). The photo was taken by Thaisa Martins Fernandes Pessanha, a former Brazilian student in Groningen.

> More information on PASF

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