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The Faculty of Spatial Sciences welcomes exchange students at the Bachelor’s (undergraduate) and Master’s levels. Exchange students cannot obtain their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences but remain enrolled at their home university. Along with exchange students from recognized partner universities, each year a restricted number of exchange students from non-partner universities are welcomed.

Exchange students are required to take the course "Spatial Problems and Spatial Policies", delivered by the International School of Spatial Policy Studies of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Exchange students can also choose from the other courses offered in English at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (level and capacity restrictions may apply).

Accepted exchange students have full access to the University of Groningen’s international student housing system, the library and computer facilities, language courses, sports and other facilities. Exchange students from recognized partner universities do not pay tuition at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences or the University of Groningen.

Twice per year, a welcome programme for newly arrived exchange students at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences provides an introduction for visiting students. This introductory programme is a joint venture of the International School of Spatial Policy Studies and the Dutch students of EGEA Groningen (European Geography Association Groningen).

More information on the nomination, application and acceptance procedure for exchange students can be found here.

Last modified:17 February 2018 08.10 a.m.