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Student Housing

Accepted exchange students can apply for temporary, furnished housing in one of the International Student Houses in the city of Groningen. Each International Student House has one experienced and trained Dutch student manager living on site. Please visit website of SSH for more information on housing options, prices, precise housing locations, housing conditions and applications. We also advise you to check the website of "At home in Groningen".

Where to live

We advise exchange students visiting the Faculty of Spatial Sciences to apply for housing located in or near the city centre, or in the area between the city centre and the Zernike Campus in the north-west outskirts of the city of Groningen where the classes of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences are delivered. Previous exchange students have expressed satisfaction with the international student houses (listed in no particular order) 'Winschoterdiep', ‘BNC (Plutolaan)’, ‘Albertine Agnesplein’, 'Moesstraat', ‘Blekerslaan’, ‘Melkweg/Kraneweg’. These student houses are conveniently located given the location of the Zernike Campus.

How to apply

In order to apply for housing, exchange students need to apply online through the website of SSH. Rental contracts are for almost 6 months (one semester) and can be extended to a full academic year if applicable. Once SSH has received your online registration, they will require confirmation from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. We will only confirm housing application forms for students we have accepted as exchange students. You will receive more information on the housing application procedure with your acceptance email (email that states you are accepted as a visiting exchange student at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences).

Accepted exchange students are urgently advised to register (step 1) and book a room (step 2) as soon as the registration window and the booking window open (in April or early May for first semester exchanges and in October for second semester exchanges).

Last modified:11 November 2021 3.40 p.m.