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Previous winners

  • 2002: Michelle Noordhuis, Brand Cues as Indicators for Zapping behaviour.
  • 2006: Sara Kremer, De bepaling van de effecten van promoties op meerdere productcategorieën.
  • 2007: Eline de Vries, Segmentation with value(s).
  • 2008: Desmond Dekker, Match the Music: Een Latent Class analyse van de muzikale preferenties van Music Stream gebruikers.
  • 2009 Theo IJdema, Service Recovery for Controllable Failures.
  • 2010 Riko Ooijevaar, Social-networks – The search for Social Capital.
  • 2011 Yory Wollerich, The Effect of Customer Satisfaction on Stock Returns.
  • 2012 Annika Jubbega, Twitter as Driver of Stock.
  • 2013 Marijn Jansen, The carry-over effect of social influence.
  • 2014 Mariska Verstappen “How reviews are reviewed: The impact of readability and social factors on the usefulness of online consumer reviews”.
  • 2015 Roelof Hars “Establishing the hierarchy of effects and its value in sales prediction: The case of an insurance company”.
  • 2016 Stijn Broekema, The Value of New Products.
  • 2017 Larissa Komen,  Searching for the effect of advertising: Decomposing the effect of advertising in a competitive online search environment.  

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