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Digital Business Focus Area

Valuable addition to your FEB MSc diploma!

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What does the Digital Business Focus Area entail and what does it mean for you?

Digital technologies have dramatically changed the business world. Digitisation and the availability of big data provide unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Business strategies are increasingly derived by data-driven decision making, while marketing activities largely rely on digital data to improve online and offline customer journeys. Conventional distribution channels are intertwined with digital means, requiring supply chain systems to transform to allow for ultra-fast product deliveries directly to customer homes.

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the rules of the game in many industries. New start-ups are likely to leverage digital platforms to beat giants, as giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google conquer markets, cause industries to converge, and create winner-takes-all industries. Implementing digital transformation is highly important, but not easy, as more than two-thirds of digital transformations fail. There is a strong need for young professionals who are equipped with digital business knowledge to help firms make this transition.

By completing the Digital Business Focus Area you will obtain specialised knowledge and skills to sense and seize digital business opportunities and implement digital business model innovations successfully.


Completing the Digital Business Focus Area

Currently, the Digital Business Focus Area is only offered in the MSc BA and MSc Marketing programmes. As of September 2019 this Focus Area is also available in the MSc Technology and Operations Management and MSc Supply Chain Management. Students from other programmes have to check with their programme coordinator if they can choose the required electives.

To complete the Digital Business Focus Area, you:

1. Choose and successfully complete two of the eight following courses within the programme or as extracurricular activity.

*Only Marketing Management students can use the two courses Data Science and Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing Intelligence as optional courses for the Focus Area.

2. Successfully write and round off a master thesis on a Digital Business topic.

When you have fulfilled all the above requirements you must inform your programme coordinator, Thijs Broekhuizen for MSc BA and Jenny van Doorn for MSc Marketing, who will apply for the acknowledgement on your diploma supplement on your behalf.

Course information

Semester Course Owner Elective open to MSc BA Elective open to Marketing Management Elective open to Marketing Intelligence
1.1 IT Governance (EBM048A05) MSc BA Yes Yes Yes
Retail and Omnichannel Marketing (EBM880A05) Marketing Yes Yes
Data Science and Marketing Analytics (EBM165A05) Marketing Yes
1.2 Strategic Management of Information Technology (EBM051B05) MSc BA Yes Yes Yes
Developing from Technologies (EBM063A05) MSc BA Yes (for MSc BA SIM only)
Business Process Innovation and Change (EBM044A05) MSc BA Yes (except for MSc BA Health) Yes Yes
Digital Marketing Intelligence (EBM079B05) Marketing Yes


MSc BA Yes
Note: If you decide to choose an elective that is not included in your master programme, this must be completed on top of your regular coursework. Also, if you are enrolled in another programme than mentioned in this overview, your programme coordinator has to approve the electives you chose.

Coordinator Focus Area

Dr. John Dong is the coordinator of the Digital Business Focus Area. He is Associate Professor of Strategy and Organisation at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, where he received the Outstanding Junior Researcher Award. He obtained a PhD degree in Information Systems from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is an associate editor for Information & Management and an editorial board member for Journal of Strategic Information Systems. Previously he was an associate editor for Decision Support Systems special issue on Omnichannel Business, and among other roles, chaired the tracks on Digital Business, Digital Innovation, and Big Data Analytics for several international conferences.

More information

If you have any questions about the Digital Business Focus Area, please send your email to . If you are interested in the Digital Business Focus Area, you can be added to our mailing list that will keep you informed about all kinds of activities being organised around the Digital Business Focus Area.

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