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Daniël Schans - Alumnus MSc Finance

Daniël Schans combined the MSc Finance with the Focus Area Energy
Daniël Schans combined the MSc Finance with the Focus Area Energy

"During my Master’s degree, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in order to stand out for future employers. The focus areas of FEB provide students with the opportunity to explore a particular field and therefore I realised that it would be a great addition to the curriculum of the MSc Finance. After following the course Energy & Finance, I developed a strong interest in energy markets. I decided to also participate in Energy Transition & Innovation, which increased my understanding of energy markets and the developments these markets are currently undergoing.

In order to complete the Focus Area Energy, I had to write my thesis about an energy related subject. My supervisor was Prof. Machiel Mulder, who is also the coordinator of the Focus Area Energy. He has a lot of experience in energy related research and provided me with valuable feedback throughout the process. Next to this, I became the student assistant of the Centre for Energy Economics (CEER). This allowed me to further develop my understanding of energy markets. The combination of the focus area and this student assistantship made me really enthusiastic about a career in energy.

The Focus Area Energy provides students with a better understanding of the energy world, which will be valued by future employers. It allows one to get acquainted with the way in which energy markets are currently organised, and the opportunities and challenges that come along with the energy transition. The energy courses provide a foundation for writing a thesis and allowed me to gain knowledge in this highly relevant field. All in all, the Focus Area Energy makes students well prepared for working in the dynamic energy sector and therefore I would recommend it to everyone!"

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