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Payment possibilities

Pay your tuition fees before the start date of your degree programme. for example:

  • Start date 1 September: we must have received your payment no later than 31 August.
  • Start date 1 February: we must have received your payment no later than 31 January.

You can indicate via Studielink how you want to pay your tuition fees. There are several ways to pay your tuition fees, unless you want to pay in instalments. Then you can only choose a direct debit mandate .

Exception: no SEPA country
Did you indicate in Studielink that your bank is not based in a SEPA country? Then you can pay the tuition fees only in the following ways:

Direct debit mandate for full or staggered payment

If you requested to pay your tuition fees by a direct debit payment (authorization for direct debit) via Studielink, you will be sent an authorization form by the University of Groningen. We need to have the form before 1 September.

You can authorize the University to debit your account for the full amount (collected in the last week of September), but you can also opt for staggered payment in five instalments. The instalments will be collected in the last week of the months of September, November, January, March and May. If you pay in instalments, an administration fee of € 24 will be charged.

You can pay your tuition fees through a Digitaal Incasso Machtiging (a new form of direct debit mandate).

Pay via Tikkie

Are you paying your tuition fees via direct debit, and has the payment failed? you can still pay part or all of your tuition fees via Tikkie.

Personal payment instruction

You can pay the tuition fees (full amount) into the University account with a personal payment instruction sent to your bank. If you transfer the entire amount, be sure that it is on our account before 1 September. You can transfer the entire amount to account number NL84ABNA0425600904 of 'Rijksuniversiteit Groningen', stating ‘onderwijsgelden’. Also state your student number or your name, initials and date of birth.

If you transfer the amount from a foreign account in another currency, also state the University’s BIC or SWIFT code: ABNANL 2A. The address of the ABN-AMRO is Grote Voort, P.O. Box 686, 8000 AR Zwolle.

Please make sure that additional costs are paid as well.

Original statement issued by an HBO/WO institution that tuition fees have already been paid

If you register for several programmes at the University of Groningen for the statutory tuition fees, you only have to pay the highest fee due. For example, if you are registered for a full-time and a part-time programme, you pay the fee for the full-time programme.

If you are registered at a university or a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands for the statutory tuition fees, and you enrol in the same academic year for a second Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme for statutory tuition fees at the University of Groningen, you will not have to pay tuition fees for the second degree programme, unless the amount you paid for the first enrolment is lower than the statutory tuition fees. In the latter case you will have to pay the difference. You must send a proof of payment of tuitions fees (BBC) to Information Services. You can request such a statement from the student administration of the school or university where you have already paid tuition fees.

Please note
A proof of registration at a different college or university is not valid for this purpose.

PIN payment by direct bank debit card

You can also pay your tuition fees with your direct debit card (pinpas). In order to pay by card in the Netherlands, your bank debit card must have one of the following logos: Maestro, PIN or V Pay. To do so, make an appointment online with Information Services before 1 September. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to make the payment.

PIN payment by credit card

In case you are a non-Dutch student and have a Master Card, VISA Card, JCB Card or CUP Card. Make an appointment online with Information Services and use your credit card in the pin-code reader to pay your tuition fee (only for the full amount and only if you pay the higher university tuition fees). The administration fee for PIN payment with a credit card is € 50 (per transaction).

Cash or PIN payment to the cashier

You can also pay your tuition fees in cash or by PIN at the university cashier's office.

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