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EducationUniversity of Groningen Summer Schools

Old Frisian

Anglo-Frisian connections
Dates & location 8 - 13 July 2019, Oxford, UK
Level BA/MA/PhD/Postdoc
Fee €650
Contact oldfrisian (for all interested students)
ofss (for students from University of Groningen)

Old Frisian is an Old Germanic language, most closely related to Old English. Whereas Old English is taught and studied widely, Old Frisian seems to be a well-hidden secret, studied and taught by a just a handful of experts. To unveil some of the linguistic and historic connections between the two 'Anglo-Frisian' languages and to enable students to familiarise themselves with reading Old Frisian texts, the Old Frisian Summer School, a joint venture between the universities of Oxford and Groningen (Netherlands), will be held at Oxford from 8th-13th July 2019.

Who is the summer school for?

The summer school is aimed at students who would like to study Old Frisian in addition to their further (Old) Germanic language skills or interests. The course will be targeted at post-graduate students and be open to students and early career researchers. Since places are limited, priority will be given to MA and PhD students.

What will the day programme look like?

Two lectures will be presented in the mornings by experts in the field. The afternoons will be dedicated to translation workshops and a library visit. The workshops will introduce various Old Frisian texts to be translated in small groups with the help of modern handbooks and led by experts. At the end of the week, students should be able to translate a medium level Old Frisian text by themselves with the help of appropriate handbooks.

The programme includes a tour of the Bodleian Library, a viewing of the Old Frisian manuscripts Codex Aysma and Codex Uniain the Weston Library and a tour of the Taylor Institution Library which holds the Alistair Campbell collection of Frisian books.

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