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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Summer schools by discipline

The Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development

The Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development is the University of Groningen network organisation in the area of sustainable development. It is where UG scientists and lecturers from a broad spectrum of disciplines work together on important social challenges of our time. The guiding theme is how to retain or improve the wellbeing of people for current and future generations.
Sustainable Development is a pressure cooker for scientific research. The staff of the Rudolf Agricola School supports scientists, creates meetings and forges alliances. We make links with national and international colleagues, organisations and social partners. We inspire, innovate and accelerate. We share results, make them visible and usable. We develop ground-breaking research projects, organise research meetings and major events with a national and international impact. On the basis of our expertise, we support scientists with obtaining funds, communication and publicity.

Corporate Governance and the Effectiveness of Boards

What do boards do? What factors influence what they do and how they do it? How do they perform and contribute to the overall performance of the company they represent? In this summer school we answer these questions taking a multi-disciplinary approach using insights from economics, finance, management and sociology and psychology.

Dates: 8 - 12 July 2024
Application dealine: 1 June 2024

Islands as Laboratories for Sustainability

Join ISLAs 2024, in Bali, Indonesia, and experience the interconnectedness of sustainability, quality of life, geography (with an islandness focus) and happiness through academic exploration and real-world insights. 

Dates: 13 - 14 June 2024 (online), 17 - 22 June 2024 (in-person)
Application deadline: 28 March 2024

Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

This two-week practical training course promotes understanding about and develops skills in managing the social risks and impacts associated with the development of public and private investment projects (e.g. mines, dams, highways, industry parks, electricity transmission corridors, agricultural developments, etc), and particularly issues related to land acquisition and resettlement.

Dates: 30 September to 11 October 2024

Sustainable Landscapes - The Wadden Experience

Join us for a five day sailing trip with lectures by leading experts. The lectures will show you scientific perspectives from different fields. We explore the themes of cultural heritage; coastal tourism; landscape stewardship; regional food production; sustainable enterpreneurship; and global bird flyways.

Dates: 26 - 30 August 2024
Application deadline: 1 May 2024

SuRe - Sustainable and Resilient societies

Polycrisis and disruptive transformations happen at different levels, but their common denominator is the insight that understanding resilience problems analytically and societally requires transcending disciplinary silos, monocausal explanations and single-issue policies and interventions.

Dates: 24 - 29 June 2024
Application deadline: 1 March 2024

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