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#TheCityIsOurCampus 31.-02. June

Date:29 May 2019
Will I be featured at the cycling film festival?
Will I be featured at the cycling film festival?

Party Picks:

This weekend will be long and filled with sunshine. Check out these events that are on:

Queer Pride 2019

For the first time ever, the Queer Pride Parade will be coming to Groningen!! There will be a range of events - from films and a march to parties. Interested about the history of queer pride? On Friday afternoon there will be a Groninger Queer History Tour. Also, there will be an afterparty called Radical Queer Love at HSA.

International Cycling Film Festival

The RKZ (weird hippie squatted place in Helpman) is hosting the International Cycling Film Festival - the films are in several languages but subtitled in English. It features short films from all over the world about cycling such - like a film from Guatemala following Maya Pedal on everyday tasks or a film about a Canadian biking through the cold winters in Northern Canada.

Vietnamese Culture Night

HOST-IFES, the Christian International Student group, is hosting a Vietnamese culture night with authentic homecooked Vietnamese food and discussions about the Vietnamese culture.

The Green Trail

Realized that it's almost June and you aren’t summer body ready yet? You can still sign up and participate in the Green Trail, a running competition where the course goes through the city, buildings and nature. Run 7km through the EM2 venue, Rebel Rebel Hostel and the solar energy park. It’s not your average run, so it might be a fun way to get fit.

Beer Yoga

On the topic of getting fit for summer… you can give Beer Yoga a try this Sunday. After your tiring run from the Green Trail you might want to stretch your muscles and treat yourself to a drink. The event starts off with an hour of yoga and ends with a beer tasting in the garden, which sounds like a pretty decent way to end your long weekend.

Deep frying Festival (Frituur Festival)

Enough about summer bodies… this Sunday EM2 will be organizing their annual Frituur (deep-fry)Festival. The idea of the event is simple: you literally just get to deep fry things and taste them. There will be deep frying workshops and lots of snacks to be consumed.

There’s loads to do this weekend and looks like the weather will be good… what will you get up to?

GIF of the Week

When you hit the club after binging 3 seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race...
When you hit the club after binging 3 seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race...

About the author

Hey! I’m Danique, a Dutch/American studying International Relations and International Organizations with a mild obsession with coffee, cats, and rowing. If you can’t find me, look for the girl (almost always) wearing pink and writing blogs.


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